Another Superior Score

AIB Certificate

AIB Certificate

So just what is an AIB Audit and why should I care?

Our customers in the food industry already know the answer to this question but this is a question sometimes asked by others.

AIB International performs a variety of audit services – in our case it is a Good Manufacturing Practices Audit.  AIB establishes Consolidated Standards for Inspection.  They send a highly trained auditor to inspect our facilities, our management practices, our quality control practices and other operational policies and practices.  Scoring well on the AIB audit is one way that we demonstrate that we are producing a quality product in a plant that is operated in a safe and efficient manner.

Our last AIB audit was April 2, 2013.  Our score of 965/1000 is a superior score.  And we are working hard to get even closer to the goal of a perfect score in 2014.  To learn more about AIB and the Good Manufacturing Practices program, check out this link: